History of Halloween - PLUS our top 5 costume predictions this year

History of Halloween - PLUS our top 5 costume predictions this year

The holiday 'Halloween' dates back more than 2000 years and is celebrated in many countries on 31st October every year. Being the eve of the western Christian feast of all saints day, it is dedicated to remembering the dead. Held in the beginning of November, the feast recognised the last day of the fall harvest and spirits crossing over, since they believed the veil between the living and spirit world grew thinnest at that time. 

In the early days of Halloween, trick or treaters had to dance for candy and sweet treats. In actual fact which some may not know is that Halloween was originally a time for romance. 

It is the perfect time of year where you can dress up in whatever you want. Halloween does catch the imagination of all ages and allows them a chance to show their favourite fancy dress costumes from zombies to princesses and anything in between. It has become a time when people enjoy scaring others by wearing famous horror characters, for example; pennywise, ghostface, chucky and Freddy Krueger. 

So what is your favourite Halloween Costume and what have you chosen to dress up as this year?

Most Likely Halloween Costumes For 2023

Here is what we predict to be the most popular Costumes for Halloween 2023 

  1. Barbie & Ken - For obvious reasons, we expect this to be a popular choice this year after the success of the Barbie movie and so many inspirational outfits worn in the film, from the rollerblading leotards to the full fur coats, there are plenty of options to choose from.
  2. Oppenheimer - Barbie’s biggest rivalry movie this summer gives a great opportunity to bring the two together for Barbieheimer costumes. Perfect for a couples costume idea if Barbie and Ken are not for you.
  3. Ariel From the Little Mermaid - Always a great costume to wear but with the new Halle Berry version of the movie, it's the perfect time to waggle your mermaid tail!
  4. Mario & Luigi - A bit of an all time favourite to reintroduce this Halloween with the release of the movie earlier this year! This one is perfect for couples or group costumes with so many characters to choose from.
  5. Wednesday Addams - Although this one has been around for years, we now have the opportunity to put a more up to date twist on the costume following the hit series.