The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Want to try something different for your Easter Egg Hunt this year?

Look no further, here are our Top Tips for the Ultimate Easter Hunt.

1 - Instead of the usual chocolate and sweet treats, why not fill the plastic eggs from our party box with little experiences written on pieces of paper. For example movie night with popcorn, or trip to a park of your choice, an extra 30 minutes screen time or games night. You can mix plastic eggs with chocolate eggs to give your children more variety.

2 - Instead of treats in your plastic eggs, you could fill them with silly tasks or forfeits to carry out and  earn an easter treat.

3 - Make your Easter Egg hunt a treasure hunt with clues to find the next egg. For example… ‘Knock Knock…. Who’s there? Open me to find out! or Roses are red, violets are blue, this is where you go for a number 2! (kids always love a bit of toilet humour! Or Little boy blue has lost his shoe and doesn't know where to find it. Where do you leave yours…?’

4 - Give your children a list of bunny hop directions to find their prizes. For example, 10 big bunny hops forward, 3 baby bunny hops to the right and then look for the colour Red to find the next clue.

5 - Feeling really clever? Give your children two clue options in each egg….. One will end with a silly prize like a smelly sock, and the other will lead you to an egg and another clue.

6 - If you want to make the Easter Egg Hunt fair so that every child gets a turn to find the same amount of eggs, then why not do an Easter Egg relay. One child goes first and finds an egg and returns it, then the next child goes, and so on. Depending on how many people are playing, you could get them into teams and go head to head in an Easter Egg Hunt Relay Race!

7 -  To make the Relay Race even funnier, you could use the Easter balloons in your box. The first person has to hold the balloon in between their knees and bunny hop to find a prize and bunny hop back. They then pass the balloon to the next person's knees without using their hands.

8 - How about an Easter Egg Raffle. Hide raffle tickets around the house and garden. Some could be on their own and some could be with easter treats. The plastic easter eggs in your box would be good for this. Let the children collect as many raffle tickets as they can and have a draw later in the day for larger easter treats whether that be chocolate or other treats.

Have fun and happy hunting!